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David Bragger: Big Fancy

David Bragger and Chris Berry
David Bragger and Chris Berry

Big-Fancy-webLast month, LA-based old time fiddler David Bragger released his debut solo CD titled “Big Fancy” on Tiki Parlour Recordings. This record is a wonderful and long-overdue collection of his favorite fiddle tunes, played solo and accompanied by second fiddles, gourd banjo, guitar, pump organ, and even bagpipes. David fiddles with heart and soul and a deep understanding of the old tunes he plays–tunes he collected from oldtime masters such as Edden Hammonds, Mel Durham, and Dennis McGee.

I think I first met David under the big oak tree at the annual Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Contest a few years ago, where by the way, his students always take home honors. Back then, David was traveling back East with his video camera to document the old fiddle styles. Nowadays, top-tier old time players like Bruce Molsky and Dan Gellert come to David’s Old Time Tiki Parlour to make records and DVDs. David has many students all over the world, and he delights in spreading the word about obscure historical fiddlers such as ex-slave Alonzo Janes. The tunes of Janes came to David through the mentorship of Mel Durham, who was a big influence on David’s style and repertoire.

IMG_2821photoshopDavid also plays in a fun jug band called Sausage Grinder, and is a collector of folk art, including the amazing ink he wears on his own skin. Enjoy these clips!




LISTEN: Over The Mountain





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