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Video Premiere: DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad


The genre I like to call stomp-folk has blown up in recent years. At the same time, folkies and singer-songwriters have slowly come to realize that there’s good money to be made in sync licensing, or selling permission to use your tracks in films and television. Every so often–more and more often, I should say–a new release crosses my inbox bearing the unmistakable imprint of these influences. And sometimes, the music is quite good. Such is the case with the new record from Darius Holbert and his new record titled DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad.

Heaven knows why an alt-country troubador would want to go by such a ponderous moniker. Maybe he was a DJ in a  former life? Whatever–as I said, the music is quite good. Here is the video premiere of In The Shadow of the Death-Bird’s Wing, and two tracks from the new record.

Says Darius: “We shot this video guerrilla-style in the gritty hills of Malibu. It was directed by my good buddy Paul Travers, shot by Seiichi Daimo, and assisted by my assistant Edward Barton. We had a blast making it. I hope you dig it too.”

Sit back, crack a brewskie, and prepare to enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Video Premiere: DARIUSTX V. The Angels of Goliad

  1. Well, just listened to In the Shadow of the Death Birds Wing, Have to say, I didn’t open up a brewskie but I did enjoy it! First time ever listening to them. Very talented band!

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