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Nuala Kennedy: Behave the Bravest

Nuala Kennedy Band
Nuala Kennedy Band (courtesy of FLi Artists)

NualaKennedy+Behave+the+BravestLast month, Nuala Kennedy released one of the most gorgeous records to cross my desk in years. Her fourth studio album, Behave the Bravest (Under the Arch Records) showcases her angelic voice in both Gaelic and English and as usual, her superlative skills on flute and various whistles. If you follow Nuala at all, you will recognize the names of her supporting musicians, including Eamon O’Leary on guitar and bouzouki, Johnny Connolly (Solas) on button accordion, and Donald Hay on drums and percussion. For a woman who seems to have one foot in Scotland, one in Ireland, and one in the USA, it’s not surprising that this album was recorded over 6 months on three continents, one of which was Australia. What is surprising is the beautifully cohesive sound overall. Nuala’s unflagging sense of balance between raw joy and flawless perfection runs like a pristine river through this collection of ancient songs and modern tunes. Recommended!



LISTEN: Death and the Lady



LISTEN: Le Funambule (The Tightrope Walker)



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