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Solas: All These Years

Photos by Eric Legret/Musikan
Photos by Eric Legret/Musikan

solas-nonamesThe brilliant new record from Irish supergroup Solas must have been a pain to produce. Or at least, a pain to round up the troops. Titled All These Years, the album features ALL former band members as well as the current lineup of Seamus Egan, Winifred Horan, Moira Smiley, Mick McAuley, and Eamon McElholm singing, picking and sawing their way through sixteen tracks that range from modern singer-songwriter stuff to grand old session tunes. Current vocalist Moira Smiley brings a refreshing, authentic tone and a taste for modern melody to what they call their 20th Anniversary Project–a nice balance to the other singers who contributed, all of them former members of Solas.

Vocalist Moira Smiley
Vocalist Moira Smiley

Some of my favorite Irish artists participated, including John Williams, John Doyle and Karan Casey from the original band lineup, but I can’t imagine how they all coordinated their busy schedules to make this happen. I’m just glad they did. Here are a set of reels with John Doyle on guitar, Karan Casey singing an old favorite, and a video with Moira Smiley singing lead. Enjoy!



LISTEN: Sixteen Come Next Sunday (feat. Karan Casey)



LISTEN: Unnamed Shetland Reel, Da New Rigged Ship  



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