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Bruce Molsky: Can’t Stay Here This a-Way

Bruce Molsky
Photo courtesy of David Holt’s State of Music.

Living legend Bruce Molsky recently recorded a wonderful collection of his favorite tunes and songs on fiddle, banjo, and guitar at an unlikely location for rural traditional music: the urban landscape of Los Angeles, California. Released as a single package on both CD and DVD on Tiki Parlour Recordings, the album is titled Can’t Stay Here This a-Way. As always, Molsky tears it up on fiddle and banjo and guitar, coaxing emotion from the deepest heart and soul of his axes by playing in open, archaic tunings that suit the dark joy of old time music. The man behind the curtain at Tiki Parlour is fiddler David Bragger (recently reviewed here).

molsky-cover-for-web-4-1“I had the most intense and musically introspective time working with David Bragger’s filming of me at the Tiki Parlour,” said Molsky. “The Old Time Tiki Parlour is on a mission to document old time music in a meaningful and unique way, up close and without filters. It’s a delight to be part of this, along with all these great musicians they have on board!”

The Old-Time Tiki Parlour is an atomic-era destination complete with wooden tikis, strange folk art, weird curios, palm trees and a variety of old-time string instruments. Since 2009, it has served as the concert, workshop, jam, film, internet and instructional epicenter for old-time music around Los Angeles and beyond. The catalog of recordings is small but already impressively loaded with respected tradition bearers from all across America.

Choosing my favorite tracks to share from this album was not unlike choosing your favorite child: you love them all! But Molsky’s ability to accompany himself on fiddle while he sings is unequalled. Here are two such tracks from Can’t Stay Here This a-Way and a short teaser from the DVD. Enjoy!

LISTEN: Old Virginia

LISTEN: Red Rocking Chair


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