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Pharis & Jason Romero: Sweet Old Religion

Jodie Ponto Photo


Sweet Old Religion, the new album from Fiddlefreak favorites Pharis and Jason Romero, hits the streets on May 18. It’s the fourth release from this Juno award-winning Canadian duo and their first collection of all original songs. Throughout their respective careers, Pharis and Jason have always been a big influence within the old time music scene — shining stars that musically light the way for others in the community. Together they built a booming business in handcrafted banjos of the highest caliber, while raising two kids at their remote home in Horsefly, British Columbia. In 2016 they suffered a tragedy when their banjo workshop burned down, but their friends chipped in to help get them back on their feet. Apparently that’s when the creative juices kicked in once again. The result: Sweet Old Religion.

Sweet Old Religion oozes with the rich, vintage tones we have come to know from the duo. Their harmonies blend like honey on homemade bread. Their banjos and guitars ring like katydids on a warm summer evening. Indeed, nature is a recurring theme, along with comforting memories of good times past. What’s new this time around is a cautious flirtation with half-time beats that reminds us of The Band or Gillian Welch. We like it, and we want more. Recommended!



LISTEN: The Salesman





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