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Dirk Powell: Walking Through Clay

Dirk Powell’s fourth solo record is set for official release on February 4 on Sugar Hill Records. Dirk is a guy who has appeared everywhere you want to be if you’re an aspiring sideman in the realm of traditional acoustic Americana. He has worked on various projects with the likes of Jack White, Loretta Lynn,… Continue reading Dirk Powell: Walking Through Clay

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The Abramson Singers: Late Riser

Here at Fiddlefreak World Headquarters, we come across lots of young new indie singer-songwriters who make brilliant music. Like housecats doing cute stuff on Youtube, they seem to pop up everywhere you turn. Reviewing their music is something we just don’t usually do. But Leah Abramson‘s music cannot be ignored. When I first heard her… Continue reading The Abramson Singers: Late Riser

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Capercaillie: At the Heart of It All

The capercaillie is a big, beautiful bird that looks like a mix of a turkey, a grouse, and a raven. It requires a habitat of old coniferous forests. In Scotland, the population has declined greatly since the 1960s because of deer fencing, predation and lack of suitable habitat. There are believed to be fewer than… Continue reading Capercaillie: At the Heart of It All

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Colleen Raney: Here This Is Home

Portland Oregon singer Colleen Raney has a new record hitting the streets tomorrow. Here This is Home features eleven achingly beautiful songs from Ireland and Scotland that explore themes of love, exile, and homecoming. She traveled to Ireland to make her fourth full-length record, and enlisted the skills of Aidan Brennan, Trevor Hutchinson, Johnny B.… Continue reading Colleen Raney: Here This Is Home

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Solas: Shamrock City (MP3)

Irish-American supergroup Solas have always been great. Now they’ve upped the ante again with a new concept album titled Shamrock City, which officially hits the streets on Feb. 5. Band leader and producer Seamus Egan set out to tell the true story of his great-great uncle, Michael Conway, who left County Mayo, Ireland in 1910 and… Continue reading Solas: Shamrock City (MP3)

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Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac: Seinn

Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac are stalwarts of the Cape Breton (Nova Scotia, Canada) traditional music scene. In September they released a duo album titled Seinn (pronounced “shane”) that represents their first studio collaboration. From old-school strathspeys to smooth jazzy jigs and rocking reels, and silvery songs sung in Scots Gaelic, this record rewards… Continue reading Mary Jane Lamond and Wendy MacIsaac: Seinn

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Altan: Gleann Nimhe – The Poison Glen (MP3)

For almost 30 years, Irish supergroup Altan has been wowing the world with their trademark combo of red-hot tune sets and mesmerizing songs from the Donegal region. The group originated in 1981, when teachers Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (fiddle and vocals) and the late Frankie Kennedy (flute) began performing as the duo that would later become… Continue reading Altan: Gleann Nimhe – The Poison Glen (MP3)