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Dirk Powell: Walking Through Clay

Dirk Powell’s fourth solo record is set for official release on February 4 on Sugar Hill Records. Dirk is a guy who has appeared everywhere you want to be if you’re an aspiring sideman in the realm of traditional acoustic Americana. He has worked on various projects with the likes of Jack White, Loretta Lynn,… Continue reading Dirk Powell: Walking Through Clay

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Luke Winslow-King: The Coming Tide

Recently I was in Saint Louis and stumbled upon a lively blues trio making music at a corner hangout called the Blues City Deli, in the Soulard District. We showed up for lunch at noonish on a Friday, and found a line out the door into the street. Hello?! Red beans and rice for $3.50,… Continue reading Luke Winslow-King: The Coming Tide

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Chad Manning: Chicken on a Rocketship (MP3)

Bay Area fiddler Chad Manning has an excellent new record out with the whimsical title “Chicken on a Rocketship.” His third solo release showcases a variety of styles, and his complete mastery thereof. Fiddlefreak was drawn in by the compelling old-time tunes and songs, especially the new lyrics that Jody Stecher¬† and Chad grafted onto… Continue reading Chad Manning: Chicken on a Rocketship (MP3)

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New Release from The Family Carr (MP3)

Kevin Carr and partner Josie Mendelsohn¬†are well-established (and well-loved) figures in West Coast traditional folk music circles, for good reason. From trad Irish and old-time American music to Quebecois and Asturian and Galician traditions, they have spread their passion for folk music far and wide. The couple just released a new record with their son… Continue reading New Release from The Family Carr (MP3)