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The Abramson Singers: Late Riser

Here at Fiddlefreak World Headquarters, we come across lots of young new indie singer-songwriters who make brilliant music. Like housecats doing cute stuff on Youtube, they seem to pop up everywhere you turn. Reviewing their music is something we just don’t usually do. But Leah Abramson‘s music cannot be ignored. When I first heard her… Continue reading The Abramson Singers: Late Riser

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Rayna Gellert: Old Light (MP3)

Old-time fiddler Rayna Gellert has a new record coming out today that marks a beautiful new direction for her. Over the years, old-time American music has grown many roots and branches: southern fiddling, country blues, bluegrass, gospel… the list goes on. And then there are the mellow modernists who invoke a sense of mountain melancholy… Continue reading Rayna Gellert: Old Light (MP3)

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Railroad Earth: Free Download (MP3)

Fiddlefreak doesn’t often cover rock music, and “Americana” is everywhere you look lately, so usually we avoid anything with electrified guitars and drums. But every so often a rock band comes along that combines folk, blues, and soul seamlessly into a pure American sound. (The Band and Creedence come to mind.) A sound so rootsy… Continue reading Railroad Earth: Free Download (MP3)

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Coal Country Music

I was born in Upshur County, West Virginia, an area where mountaintop removal and strip mining are an unfortunate way of life. I learned that even if the coal companies put the land back to something resembling its orginal contour, and planted it with trees and grass, the damage could not be undone. Where beautiful… Continue reading Coal Country Music