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Luke Winslow-King: The Coming Tide

Recently I was in Saint Louis and stumbled upon a lively blues trio making music at a corner hangout called the Blues City Deli, in the Soulard District. We showed up for lunch at noonish on a Friday, and found a line out the door into the street. Hello?! Red beans and rice for $3.50,… Continue reading Luke Winslow-King: The Coming Tide

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Coty Hogue: To the West (MP3)

Thanks to Hearth Music for sending me the new record from rising star Coty Hogue of Bellingham, WA. Her new release To the West charted #1 on the Folk-DJ chart in June, for good reason. Coty Hogue sings a lovely, sultry blend of old-time Americana and contemporary songs that connect to the old strain. Her… Continue reading Coty Hogue: To the West (MP3)

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Caleb Klauder: Western Country (MP3)

If you follow the old-time music scene, you’re already familiar with Caleb Klauder, the amazing mandolinist at the heart of Portland’s Foghorn Stringband (and Foghorn Trio and Foghorn Duo). Caleb also tours around with his Country Band, and they’ve just released a smoky collection of old-time honkytonk titled “Western Country.” On this record, the line… Continue reading Caleb Klauder: Western Country (MP3)

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The Belleville Outfit: Time to Stand (MP3)

Last Tuesday, Austin-based band The Belleville Outfit released their second album, titled Time to Stand. A rowdy romp through sunny fields of swing, country, and gypsy sounds, Time to Stand establishes this band as one to watch as they conquer the major festivals one by one. Fiddlefreak is about follk music, and Belleville features piano… Continue reading The Belleville Outfit: Time to Stand (MP3)