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Whiskey Chimp: Barely Right Now (MP3)

It has been almost a year since Fiddlefreak reviewed a live show by Whiskey Chimp, calling them “seven deadly sons who are bound for glory, or Hell in a handbasket.” We have been proven prophetic by their brand new third full-length record Barely Right Now (FP Records). On this CD they seem to fuse into… Continue reading Whiskey Chimp: Barely Right Now (MP3)

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Bearfoot Live in Paso Robles

What do you call a bluegrass band without a banjo? Fiddlefreak sez: smooooooth. What’s the recipe for this tasty smoothie? Take one part Biscuit Burners, one part Nickel Creek, and one part Crooked Still, blend until creamy, and you get the breakfast of champions, born in the boondocks of our wildest state: Bearfoot. If you’re… Continue reading Bearfoot Live in Paso Robles

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Euphonia: The Old Jawbone (MP3)

Sylvia Herold is probably the best folksinger you’ve never heard of. This dynamic and sophisticated vocalist, from the East Bay area of San Francisco, is leader of the folk ensemble known as Euphonia. The group also features mandolinist Paul Kotapish, box player Charlie Hancock, and double bassist Chuck Ervin, and guests. Their material ranges from… Continue reading Euphonia: The Old Jawbone (MP3)

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The Johnny Starlings

The Johnny Starlings are singer/songwriter Jody Mulgrew and friends, sometimes changing but always including multi-instrumentalist Yohei Shikano. Their newest release Aiming Too High features the crystal-clear vocals of jazz diva Inga Swearingen on backup harmonies. I saw the Starlings on the main stage at the Live Oak Music Festival, where they brought forth a mellow… Continue reading The Johnny Starlings