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Laura Cortese: Into the Dark

Today marks the street release of Into the Dark, the new album from Laura Cortese. Laura has been kicking around the folk world for a number of years, producing a body of very good fiddle-centric material in the vein of Sara Watkins and Lissa Shneckenberger. But with this release she rises into that rarified atmosphere… Continue reading Laura Cortese: Into the Dark

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Crooked Still: Friends of Fall (MP3)

East Coast alt-bluegrass band Crooked Still is in the middle of their 10th Anniversary Tour, currently on the West Coast and heading south. (I’m planning to attend their show this Friday in Arroyo Grande.) Their new 7-song EP titled Friends of Fall was released October 11th on Signature Sounds.  Since their early days, the kids… Continue reading Crooked Still: Friends of Fall (MP3)

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Childsplay: Waiting for the Dawn (MP3)

My hard-core old-time folkie readers might want to pass on this one, but if the idea of a large group of fiddlers playing together on fiddle tunes and folk songs sounds good to you, then read on. Childsplay is a group united by the instruments of violin maker Bob Childs of Cambridge, Massachussetts. Their fifth… Continue reading Childsplay: Waiting for the Dawn (MP3)

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Crooked Still: Still Crooked

Have you heard the big news from young alt-grass pickers Crooked Still? Brilliant cellist Rushad Eggleston has left the band. One might compare Rushad to the immortal swordsman of the Highlander movies: there can be only one. A blow this disastrous has sunk lesser ships. But wait–what’s this? They’ve added two new members to the… Continue reading Crooked Still: Still Crooked