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Marla Fibish: The Bright Hollow Fog

Marla Fibish just released a brilliant solo album titled The Bright Hollow Fog. What a thrill this record is to me. To sit back and soak in the glory as Marla Fibish makes her mandolin sing the good old jigs and reels… it’s just magical. The arrangements feature her 1922 Gibson A mandolin and 1914… Continue reading Marla Fibish: The Bright Hollow Fog

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Maria Dunn: The Peddler (MP3)

Photo by Tracy Kolenchuk Maria Dunn is a Canadian singer-songwriter and accordion player who is deeply steeped in the Celtic tradition. Her newest CD “The Peddler” (Distant Whisper Music) was released in September 2008. Produced by Shannon Johnson of The McDades, The Peddler is a moving collection of stories that visit historical and anti-war themes.… Continue reading Maria Dunn: The Peddler (MP3)

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Christa Burch: Love of the Land (MP3)

It’s always a joy when I can honestly give a rave review to a record released by a friend. Such is the case with Christa Burch’s new release Love of the Land, her long-anticipated first solo recording. I’m happy to report that it was well worth the wait. On her new CD, Christa (of Irvine,… Continue reading Christa Burch: Love of the Land (MP3)

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Euphonia: The Old Jawbone (MP3)

Sylvia Herold is probably the best folksinger you’ve never heard of. This dynamic and sophisticated vocalist, from the East Bay area of San Francisco, is leader of the folk ensemble known as Euphonia. The group also features mandolinist Paul Kotapish, box player Charlie Hancock, and double bassist Chuck Ervin, and guests. Their material ranges from… Continue reading Euphonia: The Old Jawbone (MP3)

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Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers (MP3)

This past weekend was my Annual Desktop Clearance, and what do you think I found buried deep amid the soggy beer coasters, coffee-stained music store receipts, and fuzzy spiders? The three-track demo CD from the Boston-based neo-trad fiddle outfit that calls itself Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers, which I had picked up almost a… Continue reading Blue Moose and the Unbuttoned Zippers (MP3)

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Wicked Tinkers: Rant

What do your think of when you hear the words “Celtic music?” Is it the mighty dance tradition of the Celtic lands: jigs and reels on flutes and fiddles? Is it beautiful, mist-mystic new-age tunes played achingly slow on harp and hammer dulcimer, and drenched in reverb? Or maybe it’s the song tradition: balladeers singing… Continue reading Wicked Tinkers: Rant