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Cahalen Morrison and Eli West: Swing My Hammer

Many thanks to Devon at Hearth Music for turning me on to the third album from Calahen Morrison and Eli West. We heartily recommended their first two releases, and this one raises the bar. I’ll Swing My Hammer with Both Hands is the fruit of veteran guidance from producer Tim O’Brien and contributions from crack… Continue reading Cahalen Morrison and Eli West: Swing My Hammer

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The Abramson Singers: Late Riser

Here at Fiddlefreak World Headquarters, we come across lots of young new indie singer-songwriters who make brilliant music. Like housecats doing cute stuff on Youtube, they seem to pop up everywhere you turn. Reviewing their music is something we just don’t usually do. But Leah Abramson‘s music cannot be ignored. When I first heard her… Continue reading The Abramson Singers: Late Riser

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Grada: Natural Angle (MP3)

From the Better Late Than Never Dept: Here’s a post on Grada’s latest release Natural Angle. I hate it when I’m rummaging through some random pile of desktop detritus and find a CD I should have reviewed a year ago. That’s what happened with Natural Angle, which came out early in 2010. It’s so good… Continue reading Grada: Natural Angle (MP3)

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Cahalen Morrison and Eli West: The Holy Coming of the Storm (MP3)

Here’s another sweet new record that has come to Fiddlefreak by way of Devon at Hearth Music. The Holy Coming of the Storm from Cahalen Morrison and Eli West hit the streets on January 30 and has been stuck in my CD player ever since. Their new old-time bluegrass songs strike just the right balance… Continue reading Cahalen Morrison and Eli West: The Holy Coming of the Storm (MP3)

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Shaun Cromwell: The Gristmill (MP3)

Fiddlefreak was fortunate to hear and meet Shaun Cromwell at the FARwest convention in Irvine, CA. Shaun Cromwell’s one-man acoustic blues connect the modern world to a long-lost southern Gothic past. On guitar and banjo, his fingerstyle approach lifts a soulful vocal delivery, and the gripping songs tell stories of murder, love and loss. Death… Continue reading Shaun Cromwell: The Gristmill (MP3)

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Maria Dunn: The Peddler (MP3)

Photo by Tracy Kolenchuk Maria Dunn is a Canadian singer-songwriter and accordion player who is deeply steeped in the Celtic tradition. Her newest CD “The Peddler” (Distant Whisper Music) was released in September 2008. Produced by Shannon Johnson of The McDades, The Peddler is a moving collection of stories that visit historical and anti-war themes.… Continue reading Maria Dunn: The Peddler (MP3)

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Bearfoot Live in Paso Robles

What do you call a bluegrass band without a banjo? Fiddlefreak sez: smooooooth. What’s the recipe for this tasty smoothie? Take one part Biscuit Burners, one part Nickel Creek, and one part Crooked Still, blend until creamy, and you get the breakfast of champions, born in the boondocks of our wildest state: Bearfoot. If you’re… Continue reading Bearfoot Live in Paso Robles