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Luke Abbott: Take Me Home (MP3)

Santa Cruz, California is the home of barefoot hemp-wearing earth-mamas, world-famous surf breaks, and mossy redwood forests of epic proportions. Down on Pacific Street you see everything from bass-thumping Chicano low riders to panhandler addicts with cats riding on their shoulders. And of course the Umbrella Man who walks the street wearing all pink and… Continue reading Luke Abbott: Take Me Home (MP3)

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Childsplay: Waiting for the Dawn (MP3)

My hard-core old-time folkie readers might want to pass on this one, but if the idea of a large group of fiddlers playing together on fiddle tunes and folk songs sounds good to you, then read on. Childsplay is a group united by the instruments of violin maker Bob Childs of Cambridge, Massachussetts. Their fifth… Continue reading Childsplay: Waiting for the Dawn (MP3)

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Väsen Street (MP3)

Swedish folk supergroup Väsen will release Väsen Street (NorthSide) on August 18, 2009. Olov Johansson (nyckelharpa), Roger Tallroth (guitar) and Mikael Marin (viola) have toured together for 20 years and are celebrating the milestone with this new recording. The repertoire here consists of newly composed material, old Väsen favorites not recorded earlier, and some traditional… Continue reading Väsen Street (MP3)