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New Release from The Family Carr (MP3)

Kevin Carr and partner Josie Mendelsohn are well-established (and well-loved) figures in West Coast traditional folk music circles, for good reason. From trad Irish and old-time American music to Quebecois and Asturian and Galician traditions, they have spread their passion for folk music far and wide. The couple just released a new record with their son… Continue reading New Release from The Family Carr (MP3)

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Evie Ladin Band (MP3)

The new release from Evie Ladin Band is a perfect example of what Fiddlefreak likes to call oldternative bluegrass: music that springs from old-timey roots but branches out in exciting new directions. On banjo, fiddle, guitar, bass fiddle, and body percussion, the quartet covers traditional, contemporary, and original material with vivacity and verve. This compelling record and… Continue reading Evie Ladin Band (MP3)

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Altan: Gleann Nimhe – The Poison Glen (MP3)

For almost 30 years, Irish supergroup Altan has been wowing the world with their trademark combo of red-hot tune sets and mesmerizing songs from the Donegal region. The group originated in 1981, when teachers Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh (fiddle and vocals) and the late Frankie Kennedy (flute) began performing as the duo that would later become… Continue reading Altan: Gleann Nimhe – The Poison Glen (MP3)

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Litha: Dancing of the Light (MP3)

Is this the first time in almost four years of Fiddlefreak reviews that I’ve let an entire month pass without a post? Gack! So here we go with the first review of 2012, and by God it was worth the wait. Scotland’s Aaron Jones and his partner Claire Mann make up half of a brillant… Continue reading Litha: Dancing of the Light (MP3)

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Pharis & Jason Romero: A Passing Glimpse (MP3)

As the summer travel season winds down here at Fiddlefreak World Headquarters, the time comes to buckle down and catch up on reviewing some of the lovely and wonderful new recordings that have piled up on my desk. First up: Pharis and Jason Romero’s new release titled “A Passing Glimpse” (Lula Records). I fell for… Continue reading Pharis & Jason Romero: A Passing Glimpse (MP3)

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Genticorum: Nagez Rameurs (MP3)

Close your eyes and let the smooth flowing music of Genticorum transport you to another time and place, where French fur trappers and intrepid loggers navigate the roaring rivers and limitless lakes of the North Country. The core trio consists of Pascal Gemme, Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand, and Yann Falquet, and they are joined on their… Continue reading Genticorum: Nagez Rameurs (MP3)

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Grada: Natural Angle (MP3)

From the Better Late Than Never Dept: Here’s a post on Grada’s latest release Natural Angle. I hate it when I’m rummaging through some random pile of desktop detritus and find a CD I should have reviewed a year ago. That’s what happened with Natural Angle, which came out early in 2010. It’s so good… Continue reading Grada: Natural Angle (MP3)